Bay of Kings is a 2,000 point Kings of War Grand Tournament played over 2 days in the lovely Bay Area, Northern California.

When: September 28th and 29th, 2019

Where: Game Kastle (Mountain View) - 550 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040 – In the heart of Silicon Valley. This is a giant, well stocked and roomy game store with a dedicated play space that should serve as a great venue for the event.

Follow all regular rules for army construction from the Kings of War main rulebook. We WILL be using the supplemental Clash of Kings 2019 Organized Play Book. 

2,000 pts


Please send the following information along with your payment of $30 to through PayPal.

  • Name -

  • Army Type -

  • Email Address -

  • Phone Number –

  • Club -


Scoring will combine Battle, Sportsmanship and Painting as we feel these are the three important pillars on which an overall player should be judged.

Battle - Standard Clash of Kings scoring for battle with attrition as a tiebreaker.

Painting - Judged by tourney organizer (Brinton Williams). Points will be earned for the normal stuff like solid technical application, good theme, smooth blending, freehand, conversions, display board (wankers), basing etc… Essentially, an amazing army will get 20 points. Most people should expect a 10-15.

Your army does NOT have to be painted fully, but all figures should be fully assembled and resemble what they’re supposed to be (and you’re getting dinged on that paint score if they’re not done). You can use any manufacturer you want, and be as creative as you want, just make sure your opponent knows what he/she is fighting. Seriously. They should be able to read through your list, look at your army and know what is what. If not, the responsibility is yours to be a good person and make it easy on your opponent. Kings of War allows incredible freedom to express the hobby in your own way, do not take advantage of this to slap some nonsense on a base and call it Drakon Riders. We’ll be loosely enforcing Minimum Model Count from the rule book but if you have something awesome and you’re worried about it, shoot us an email, it’s probably fine and we’ll let you know. 

Sportsmanship - At the end of the tournament each player will fill out a sportsmanship sheet selecting the three best opponents in descending order.

3 Points - Favorite opponent

2 Points - Second Favorite opponent

1 Point - Third Favorite opponent

Maximum 18 Points



10:30am - Registration

11am - Game One

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Game Two

4:30pm - Game Three


10:30am - Game Four

12:30pm - Lunch

1pm - Game Five

3:30pm Awards


  • Best Overall = Highest overall TP’s

  • Best General = Highest BP’s

  • Best Painted = Best painted army as chosen by judges

  • People’s Choice = Best army as chosen by peers

  • Best Sports = Highest Sportsmanship Score

Things to Bring

  • Your Army (seriously, don’t forget that or you might get stuck with a loaner Kingdom of Men army with no colossal giants)

  • Dice, measuring device, wound trackers, writing utensils and anything else you’ll need to game. Please use dice both you and your opponent can read and be clear about how you’re tracking damage.

  • Core Kings of War rulebook (and any supplemental rulebooks you’ll be using items/spells/rules from) IE: If you’re playing Brotherhood, bring Uncharted Empires! If you’re using a new item from Clash of Kings, bring that book as well

  • Good attitude

What else you might want to bring

  • A tray of some sort to transport your army between games

  • A sense of humor

Additional Info

I tend to bring donuts for everyone Saturday and Sunday. Really it is just an excuse for me to spend the day not answering rules queries and eating donuts

There are a lot of food options local to the place for lunch well within walking distance

Saturday night there will be an organized location for dinner/drinks to keep the group together and have some more chance to socialize - Location TBD